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ETHWIN Distribute global rewards

In total$100,000,000

ETHWIN has the most stable and safest cryptocurrency mining income.

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ETHWIN mining pool

Pool output

37879.36 ETH

Total liquidity

96351923 USDT



Valid node


Notice: Copy the link at the bottom of the App, open Tether, Coindase Wallet, TokenPocket, imToken, Metamask, BitKeep cold wallet browser, paste the input mining node, and pay about (0.005-0.009) ETH Gas fee to participate in mining, new users contact customer service to receive 28USDT bonus.

ETHWIN has the most stable and secure Ethereum mining income

ETHWIN is an innovative leader of blockchain liquidity cloud mining technology. WE launches a currency-holding income plan jointly with Ethereum, Tether,mainstream digital currency wallets such as Coindase Wallet, TokenPocket, imToken, Metamask and BitKeep wallet. Depending on the number of USDT balances in the digital wallet, the daily interest rate is 2.0%-3.0%.

ETHWIN is a decentralized financial product, built on the blockchain, no one can intervene, all rely on smart contracts to operate, money is saved in your encrypted wallet, there is no need to top up the funds to any platform, deposit and withdraw at any time, safe and transparent.

ETHWIN has launched a global $100 million reward program, where you can get rewards for participating in activities and sharing activities, Now immediately enter the revenue.

The easiest digital currency cloud mining

The following three are the easiest ways to make money, act now,achive dreams!

1.Liquidity Cloud Mining
Income Statement

Your digital currency wallet balance, do not need to transfer to other platforms, you can generate cloud mining income every day, deposit and withdraw at any time, the more balance, the higher the income.

Wallet balance
Usdt quantity
Dally Earning
Interest ratio
1~1,000 USDT 2.0%
1,001~2,000 USDT 2.1%
2,001~5,000 USDT 2.2%
5,001-10,000 USDT 2.3%
10,001-50,000 USDT 2.4%
50,001 USDT-100,000 USDT 2.5%
>100,001 USDT 3.0%

2.Cloud Mining Bonus

ETHWIN has launched a global $100 million reward program,Every participant has the opportunity to get an airdrop bonus from time to time, up to 200,000USDT. The event ends at any time, contact the official customer service to confirm the award qualification.

Wallet balance
Usdt quantity
Participation bonus
Extra return
1,000USDT 60USDT
5,000USDT 350USDT
10,000USDT 800USDT
50,000USDT 4,500USDT
100,000USDT 10,000USDT
500,000USDT 75,000USDT
1,000,000USDT 200,000USDT

3.Share income

The promotion of liquid mining is to share your invitation link to friends and relatives or repost YouTube, Tik Tok, Twitter, Telegram groups, Facebook, Instagram and other social media, inviting users to invest to earn promotion income. The more invitations, the more you earn. The wallet balance can be withdrawn at one time. If a new user is recommended to successfully participate in liquid mining, the referrer will receive 28 USDT as a reward and 10% of the mining output of the referee.

For example: A invites B to participate in mobile mining on the platform, A can get an official 28USDT reward, and can also get a 10% reward share of A mining revenue

Share now to get income

How to join mining to earn income?

How to use your digital currency wallet to mine, easily increase cold wallet income, Copy the mining node link at the bottom of the App, follow the 5 steps below, and act now!


1.Open the browser in the wallet, enter the node of liquidity mining in the browser: ethwin App and open it.


2.Click Receive to authorize participation in mining, and pay a miner's fee of 0.009ETH.


3.Click Redeem all under Exchange, you can receive bonus, and convert it to USDT.


4.Click Withdraw to withdraw USDT to your own wallet.


5.Enter your wallet to check whether the USDT reward has arrived.

Video instructions

How to join in Coinbace

Share friends

Successfully invited a friend to join get 28 usdt,how to do it!


liquidity mining has no risk

We're engaged in no-pledge mining, and my money is always in my Coinbase wallet. When we decentralize, we don't need to recharge and move to any platform. So very safe, zero risk for our investors.


Liquidity Cloud Mining

One-click to receive the node cloud mining certificate and obtain the cloud mining qualification. As long as your mainstream digital currency wallet has a balance, you can get the high profit of cloud mining every day. Your money does not need to be transferred to any platform, you can deposit and withdraw at any time.


Share income

You can recommend ETHWIN liquidity cloud mining project to your friends and let them make money with you. For each successful recommendation of a new user to participate in liquidity cloud mining, the recommender will be rewarded with 28 USDT and 10% of the recommender's mining profits.

The winner said

We are glad to see that many people have taken action to change their lives and achieve wealth and freedom because of our sharing.

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It does not affect the user's normal use of the wallet, free access, without any control, ethwin will generate different income according to the amount of USDT stored in the wallet.

Funds are stored in their own wallets, It doesn't have to be transferred. Of course it's safe.

Join on the same day and accrue interest immediately.

At 00:00 in the morning, New York time, the income of the day is settled.

The platform will settle ETH minerals at 0 o 'clock, 6 o 'clock, 12 o 'clock, 18 o 'clock and 4 times every day. After each settlement, it can be immediately converted into USDT. So I can do instant withdrawals, and Coinbase now offers instant withdrawals in nearly 40 countries, including the US, UK and more countries in Europe. Customers in the US, UK and Europe can withdraw funds using linked Visa debit cards. In the U.S., I can also withdraw money with my mastercard. I can choose either instant or standard withdrawal and see a preview of all relevant arrival times and fees before I make a withdrawal. Very convenient!!

In essence, blockchain is a shared database, which is the data or information stored in it. It has the characteristics of "unforgeable", "traceable", "open and transparent", "collective maintenance" and so on. Based on these characteristics, blockchain implements decentralized technology, lays a solid foundation of "trust" and creates a reliable mechanism of "cooperation".

USDT is a stablecoin issued by Teda.

USDT is a stable currency of US dollars. Because digital currencies such as BTC or ETH fluctuate greatly every day in the market, investors cannot sell BTC or ETH into fiat currency every time for the convenience of investment trading, so there is a stable currency.

When BTC falls, investors can swap BTC for USDT, which can be sold quickly.Without USDT, investors would be slow and cumbersome to sell BTC into fiat currencies such as dollars or pounds.So that's why digital money has a stablecoin called USDT.

Because USDT follows the dollar, you don't need to worry about falling or losing $1 for 1USDT pair.When the user needs to buy another currency again, it can buy it with USDT immediately, which improves the trading efficiency of investors. Investors can better grasp the opportunities of cryptocurrencies. And USDT is more widely used than BTC around the world because it is the US dollar and is not subject to fluctuations in the cryptocurrency market to reduce the value of the currency The other cryptocurrencies you invest in are speculative and risky, So now I do USDT liquidity mining.

DEfi project is a decentralized finance developed by blockchain technology, which is different from previous finance. In the past, finance required the intervention of financial companies. Decentralized finance is built on blockchain and relies on contracts. Conventional centralised finance, which uses instruments such as exchanges, banks or financial firms to carry out financial transactions, is subject to perceived interference. DEfi, on the other hand, is a decentralized financial product, which is built on the blockchain and cannot be interfered by human beings. It all relies on smart contracts to operate. Be really fair, just and open.

We are familiar with the centralized finance, such as stocks, foreign exchange, futures, funds, bank finance, etc., which are all decentralized finance, and their credit endorsement is from the country or large companies and banks. These centralised financial assets that we buy, such as a stock, the management of the company or the intervention of the state, can be manipulated through insider trading, and can be controlled at will as the stock goes up or down. All the authority is in the hands of the manager, this is centralized finance. Decentralized finance just changes this way. It does not rely on the central server, does not need a special communication service server, does not need a special communication server to deliver messages, does not need a central database to record data, all depends on smart contracts, human intervention and tampering.

1. High transparency: Since every transaction in the blockchain network is broadcast to every node, there is greater transparency. Every node in the network can validate data. This level of transparency provides room for rich data analysis and ensures that everyone has verified access.

2. Immutability: The data in the blockchain cannot be changed. Each block in the network that contains information such as transaction details uses encryption principles and hashing values.

3. Interoperability: Blockchain achieves interoperability by connecting different blockchain systems, ensuring seamless links for cross-chain transactions.

4. Decentralization: The decentralized environment of blockchain ensures the transfer of control from central authorities to distributed networks. Decentralization provides the benefits of a trustless environment for its users, improving data consistency and reducing vulnerabilities.

Defi's liquidity mining is mainly built on ethereum's blockchain. It is mining proceeds through liquidity provided by DEfi products on Ethereum. Simply put: deposit tokens, such as USDT assets, can be mined, which is why it is "mined". It's also a reference to bitcoin mining. It is very similar to traditional banking. We deposit us dollars in the bank and the bank gives us interest every month. But when you deposit a lot of money, the interest rate is very low, which is not enough to beat inflation. Then your assets are still an intangible loss. However, this coinbase asset with USDT, receive a Coinbase release of the node certificate, can receive daily mining pool income, this income is far higher than your deposit in the bank to give interest, and your USDT is completely placed in your own cryptowallet, more secure, and stable objective income. It's a good investment for us.

Tether encourages people to provide liquidity in their capital trading pools by issuing USD tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. For example, some new shopping malls will give customers and sellers special coupons (or rewards) to encourage them to trade in their own shopping centers. The main purpose of liquidity mining is to gain users and traffic, allocate one's tokens efficiently, and make tokens increase liquidity, thus giving the project a broader community base. Defi's liquidity mining takes advantage of the decentralized nature of blockchain and is highly innovative. Those involved in the mining also receive community rewards for providing liquidity and heat to the market.

Currently, Ethereum is the most popular platform for smart contracts. Their code is transparent and publicly verifiable. Every contract-only code is stored on the blockchain, which means that anyone can see exactly what logic smart contracts follow when receiving or manipulating digital assets. Each computer on the network (or "node") stores copies of all existing contracts and their current status, as well as blockchain and transaction data. When the contract only receives funds from the user, its code is executed by all nodes in the network in order to reach consensus on the results and the resulting value stream. This is why smart contracts are allowed to operate safely without any central authorization, even when users are engaging in complex financial transactions with unknown entities. To join a smart contract on the Ethereum network, for example, you usually have to pay what is called "gas", which is absenteeism or processing fees (this is true because these fees keep the blockchain running).

Coinbase is a U.S. cryptocurrency exchange. Founded in 2012, it is the world's first cryptocurrency exchange. Until now, Coinbase was the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the United States by volume. It is also the largest cryptocurrency exchange by market capitalization and the no. 1 cryptocurrency exchange in the world. On April 13, 2021, Coinbase went public on the Nasdaq exchange, the first cryptocurrency exchange in the world to list in the United States. Got the business license of the US government and the stock code is "COIN" With some 56 million users in more than 100 countries, more than 8,000 institutions and 134,000 ecosystem partners trusting Coinbase, it is easy and safe to invest, spend, store, earn and use cryptocurrencies. Coinbase Wallet recorded $335 billion in quarterly transactions and $223 billion in assets under custody. And that number is growing fast.

There's a big reason coinbase now offers instant withdrawals. One of the defining features of encryption is that it can be traded instantly, anytime, anywhere. However, when customers want to sell their crypto assets and withdraw cash from their own accounts, the traditional banking system can make the process take days. Starting today, Coinbase offers instant service in nearly 40 countries and territories, including the United States, the United Kingdom and more countries in Europe. Us, UK and European customers can withdraw funds using linked Visa debit cards. In the US, customers can also withdraw funds using mastercard. Customers can choose either instant or standard withdrawal methods and view a preview of all relevant arrival times and fees prior to withdrawal.

The use of Coinbase is to harness the power of cryptocurrencies and create more economic freedom in the world, and everyone should have access to financial services that can help them create a better life for themselves and their families. If the world economy operates on a common set of standards that no company or country can operate on, the world will be a fairer and freer place and human progress will accelerate.

Unlike a regular wallet, where cash is stored, your assets are stored on a blockchain, which can only be accessed using your private key (mnemonic). Your key proves you have full access to the digital currency and allows you to make transactions. If you lose your private key, you can't use your cryptocurrency funds. That's why it's important to choose a trusted wallet provider like Coinbase. To put it simply: as long as you don't reveal your private key (mnemonic), write it in your notebook by hand and don't take screenshots of your phone, because some hackers can break into your phone and steal your private key, no one in the world can steal your wallet. The state can't interfere. That's why a lot of rich people like to invest in cryptocurrencies and put all their assets in cryptoassets.


ethwin is a fluid and decentralized mining product. After obtaining the mining certificate, ethwin automatically starts the corresponding mining mechanism, and we have helped many people around the world to achieve wealth freedom.

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